Phoenix Theatre Company Bolton


The action takes place in a London hotel, over-looking Hyde Park, in a series of four plays. 

'Settling Accounts': Briaqn is a sucessful novelist, Billy is his manager - whom Brian has caught in the process of running off with all his money. 

'Going Home': A monther and daughter on a shopping trip. The daughter convinces the mother to go on a date with an elderly man they have just met.

'Diana and Sydeney': a divorced couple. she is an acress. he is living with his male lover. now he claims he needs money from her to help him pay the medical bills for his partner, who is dying of cancer. 

'The Man on the Floor': An American couple are in London to see the Wimbledon Championships... if only they could find the tickets. 

Venue: Bolton Little Theatre 27 Hanover St, Bolton, BL1 4TG